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Clarrie & Kit's Narrow Escape

Like most small towns, Canowindra has played the backdrop to many a love story turned legend. If only the walls could talk at the Old Vic Inn, I am sure the love trysts, triangles and losses shared within the old building would make for epic recounts round the newly refurbished bar.

One such Old Vic love story is about a young couple who were dating – Clarrie and Kit. Clarrie decided to take Kit for a quick drink at the Victoria Hotel on their way to a ball.

Kit’s parents strictly forbade going to pubs, but like many young couples, their minds were on each other and not on their parents. Unfortunately, they stayed too long and the police came along to see that the rule of 6 o’clock closing was enforced.

Scared that they would be caught Clarrie helped Kit (ballgown and all) escape through a side window in the ladies’ lounge. They narrowly escaped and dashed across fields and later attended the Ball as though nothing had happened at all.

The infamous escape window is now boarded up and is part of The Old Vic Inn’s Art Gallery. Next time you are in for a cold one or a great meal don’t forget to ask Alison and Graeme Beasley or their daughter Jennifer about other great Old Vic stories.

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